Experience authentic Grenadian style cooking and flavors in Toronto!

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Deliciously light fry bakes, served with your choice of salt-fish or smoked herring and a side of fry plantain and your choice of hot or cold beverage –  $7.99


CHICKEN ROTI – delicious curry chicken and potatoes served in a warm flour tortilla wrap – $6
CURRY CHICKEN MEAL – fragrant curry chicken served with a side of rice & peas or plain rice and a side salad – $7
STEWED CHICKEN MEAL – Grenadian style stewed chicken served with your choice of rice & peas or plain rice and a side salad –$7
SOUP – Chef’s choice soup of the day –$5
PROVISIONS: Steamed provisions including green banana, plantains, sweet potato, white yam topped with your choice of stewed chicken, saltfish, smoked herring or curry chicken – $8
OILDOWN: Friday & Saturday only
Try our famous Oildown, our take on Grenada’s national dish. A fragrant one-pot of meat (chicken or pork), breadfruit, ground provisions cooked in coconut milk, saffron (tumeric) and seasoning, this dish is delicious and very filling! –$10


Made & bottled in-store from imported ingredients, enjoy the refreshing taste of a wide range of local beverages including favorites like passion fruit, sorrel, lime, mauby, soursop, seamoss 


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a few of our favourite sweet treats from Grenada. Choose from tamarind balls, coconut candy, coconut milk fudge, chip-chip, groundnut sugarcake among others.
Complete your meal with a varying selection of our favourite Grenadian pastries! Choose from tarts, coconut buns, cut-cake (turnover), currant rolls, cakes, potato pudding etc to satisfy your cravings. Careful – these are additive 🙂


Try our Grenadian-style Blood (black) pudding! *Made & packaged in store*
Made with a mixture of fresh blood (pork or beef), seasoning and farine
Note: Limited quantities in store, for large orders, please call 416-320-4994.
We promise you authentic Grenadian style cooking and flavors!
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