Grenadian saltfish souse

5 must try Grenadian breakfast food items

  1.  Bakes –  Fry bakes are a staple way for many Grenadians to start the day. This light fried flour pastry and can be served with any number of sides. It’s also very easy to make — basically just fried dough. What’s not to love? They are made with flour, salt, margarine, baking powder and water. Served baked or fried these are simply delicious!

    Grenadian Fry Bakes

    Grenadian Fry Bakes

  2. Saltfish souse – This side dish is a perfect compliment to light fluffy fried bakes, coconut bakes or can be served with ground provisions. For this dish, relic from our colonial past, the main ingredient is saltfish or codfish.

    Grenadian saltfish souse

    Grenadian saltfish-souse

  3. Smoked Herring –

    Grenadian smoked herring

    Grenadian smoked herring

  4. Cocoa Tea  – Grenadian Hot Chocolate made from organic, hand roasted cocoa beans, milk and spices, is locally known as ‘Cocoa Tea’. A cup of this favourite will warm you from the inside out while making you healthier! Cocoa beans are high in antioxidants and flavonoid-rich.

    Grenadian Hot Chocolate (Cocoa Tea)

    Grenadian Hot Chocolate

  5. Fry plantains – These are a popular side dish with many Grenadian dishes, anytime is a good time to have plantains:- Breakfast, lunch or dinner or even as a snack

    Grenadian style fry plantain

    Grenadian style fry plantain


What are your top 5 Grenadian breakfast items? Post below!

Until next time – happy eating 🙂

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